May 5, 2024 | News

A careful selection of Iberia’s finest facilities; the best ‘Winter’ calendar of all

As an organisation founded by and for passionate racers, GEDLICH Racing always works to ensure that the Winter Series calendar offers the very best circuits available. And, while the track itself is always the first consideration, the GEDLICH approach goes much further.

Our calendar of globally renowned facilities is chosen based not just on engagement for those behind the wheel, but also on important matters such as paddock space, modern garages and great circuit staff.

The calendar is constructed to optimise team travel plans, starting in southern Portugal, heading east into Spain, and then travelling north for our final two events. This allows teams based in northern Europe to create a logical journey plan through the Winter Series season.

Whether you’re starting off your 2025 in the Winter Series ahead of a summer programme, or focusing your year’s racing efforts on our events, the selection of circuits in our compact schedule will suit your needs.

Winter Series 2025

16 JAN – 19 JAN 2025
Estoril /P
23 JAN – 26 JAN 2025
Portimão /P
30 JAN – 2 FEB 2025
Portimão /P
6h of Portimão »
12 FEB – 16 FEB 2025
Valencia /E
27 FEB – 2 MAR 2025
Aragon /E
6 MAR – 9 MAR 2025
Barcelona /E
13 MAR – 16 MAR 2025
Barcelona /E
6h of Barcelona »