As an organisation founded by and for passionate racers, GEDLICH Racing always works to ensure that the Winter Series calendar offers the very best circuits available. And, while the track itself is always the first consideration, the GEDLICH approach goes much further.

Our calendar of globally renowned facilities is chosen based not just on engagement for those behind the wheel, but also on important matters such as paddock space, modern garages and great circuit staff.

The calendar is constructed to optimise team travel plans, starting in southern Portugal, heading east into Spain, and then travelling north for our final two events. This allows teams based in northern Europe to create a logical journey plan through the Winter Series season.

Whether you’re starting off your 2025 in the Winter Series ahead of a summer programme, or focusing your year’s racing efforts on our events, the selection of circuits in our compact schedule will suit your needs.

Winter Series 2025

16 JAN – 19 JAN 2025
Estoril /P
23 JAN – 26 JAN 2025
Portimão /P
30 JAN – 2 FEB 2025
Portimão /P
6h of Portimão »
12 FEB – 16 FEB 2025
Valencia /E
27 FEB – 2 MAR 2025
Aragon /E
6 MAR – 9 MAR 2025
Barcelona /E
13 MAR – 16 MAR 2025
Barcelona /E
6h of Barcelona »

NEW FOR 2025: TWO 6-HOUR RACES – the unparalleled thrill and challenge of endurance

GEDLICH Racing’s overall portfolio of series and winter racing weekends grows once more in 2025, as two all-new 6-Hour endurance races will create an exciting new platform for GT teams that favour longer-distance racing.

In its inaugural season, two races will be held at a pair of Portugal and Spain’s finest venues; the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve and Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. With the race set to six hours and a careful eligibility criteria focused on the fastest cars in premiere-level GT championships, the 6h races will be the ideal platform for experienced squadrons competing at the highest levels of global endurance competition, as well as teams taking the first steps into longer-distance formats.

Qualifying sessions for the race will take place on Saturday, while the 6h race itself will be the focus of Sunday. The timetable will be planned to allow for racing into the sunset on the weekend, providing the complete endurance experience for our competitors. In addition to the main event, there will also be high-calibre support categories in the paddock, ensuring a ‘big’ feel to both weekends.

The class format for the 6h races will borrow from the existing GT- and GT4 Winter Series. GT3 cars will be permitted in the top class, with a bevy of additional classes for GT2 machinery, as well as the fastest single-make GT racing cars from Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari. GT4 cars and the ever-popular Porsche Cayman GT4 CS will also be permitted, but no cars below that level of performance will be accepted. Equally, Prototypes will continue to race exclusively within the Prototype Winter Series, ensuring that GT teams can take the spotlight.

Cars that fit within the performance window of the 6h races, that are not defined above, will be permitted to enter in the catch-all ‘Cup X’ class.
As with many other GEDLICH racing projects, the 6h races in Portimão and Barcelona will have per race both an overall champion and class winners to ensure that trophies can be fought for in all classes.